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2021-11-12 09:33:40 By : Ms. May Wang

The new shoe brand Payntr Golf said that they designed their own shoes based on swing biomechanics analysis, aiming to create a shoe that can comfortably support the foot and improve performance to maximize hitting speed.

Fast Facts PAYNTR X 001 F lightweight golf shoes (24 ounce pairs) without studs-small pieces vary by location, impermeable TPU outsole, PMX foam midsole, with graphite board upper options-woven jacquard, fabric base Clarino ultra-fine Fiber skin color options: black/gray/black, white/gray/red, gray/charcoal/black $160 pair

WYNTK is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. PAYNTR Golf was founded by former professional cricketer David Paynter and industry director Mike Forsey, who has worked for several leading footwear companies. On the basis of learning cricket shoe making knowledge, they believe that the global market is ready for new innovative golf shoes.

The core of the X 001 F comfort/performance feature is the cushioning of the TPU outsole and foam midsole, and how the combination of the graphite "propulsion plate" works with the unique small pattern on the sole to control the rotational energy swing of the sole. The design is specifically designed to help casual players use ground forces more effectively to generate more power.

At present, sales are conducted through DTC (direct to consumers) through the website.

Our evaluation is that these shoes are very comfortable to wear, and they have a lot of lateral support, so even the most radical swingers will like them. It is difficult to compare with competing shoes, but PAYNTR is priced in the range of similar performance shoes.

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