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2021-11-12 09:48:38 By : Mr. Eric Hwang

Multifunctional inoculant for producing centrifugal cast pipe

ASK Chemicals Metallurgy's crystallizer powder is a multifunctional inoculant, specially developed for the production of centrifugal cast pipes made of ductile iron and layered graphite cast iron. In addition to the efficient separation effect, the product also has other important functions, and can also provide specific formulations according to customer requirements. 

Mold protection powder can prevent or reduce the wear of water-cooled molds. Inside the mold, the powder acts as a protective barrier against hot melt glue, thereby extending the life of the mold. If mold powder is used in severely worn molds, increasing the amount of addition will help to compensate for defects, avoid casting surface defects and ultimately reduce rework.

The excellent separation effect of the mold powder makes it easier to draw the tube and prevents the casting from jamming and damaging the mold.

Strong inoculation effect and quality improvement As an incubation expert, ASK Metals pays special attention to incubation effects in product formulations. The use of water-cooled molds in centrifugal casting can lead to the formation of undesirable carbides, thereby impairing the mechanical properties of the final product, and even causing the cast iron pipe to crack. ASK Chemicals Metallurgy's mold powder has a particularly strong inoculation effect, which can reduce the formation of carbides and lead to the formation of targets and desired structures.

“Our customers have used this product very successfully to produce centrifugal cast pipes made of cast iron and ductile iron,” explains Thomas Feichtner, Global Business Line Manager of Metallurgy. "If necessary, our experienced metallurgists from the technical service department will work with customers on site to determine the best mold flux formulation for specific applications and individual situations."

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